About Me

Hello!  My name is Emily Tschirhart and this is my lifestyle blog.  I would consider my “lifestyle” all about a healthy balance.  I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and I love overall health.  To me overall health is much more than just working out or eating a balanced diet; it is the overall state that you live in including your mental health.  Growing up I struggled with depression and it made me learn that you have to give yourself the tools to live a happy life.  For me personally my “tools” would be various forms of what I call therapy from working out to cooking to crafting to volunteering and my biggest tool would be my family.  Every person has different needs in this lifetime; this blog will showcase things that I cherish and hobbies that continue to push me to grow in positive directions.

I plan to blog about different types of workouts, recipes, my travels, restaurants I visit, DIY crafts, essential oils, my fur-kids, and my life long journey to education.  I do not believe that you should stop learning at any point in your life and this blog will mainly consist of what I learn about the topics about.  I am not an expert; I am simply a student forlife.

I have always been a Michigan native and grew up in Davisburg, Michigan, which is a very small town that I will always call home.  My family is very close knit and means the world to me.  To me family is more than just the people you are born into and my family includes my parents, my two sisters, my little brother, my amazing boyfriend and his family, my best friends, and my fur-kids.

Other than being a CPT I also am a photographer.  It is still at a hobby level but I continue to grow my education and grow my business year after year check out my photography Photos By Emily T.